nutrient strong

Focusing on core nutrients to nourish our mind and body


Are you tired of Fad Dieting? Do you have a collection of pills for your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, thyroid, joints and an another set of pills to manage the side effects from your medications side effects? You do everything they tell you to do:

Go on a diet
Purchase apps to count calories and plan your meals
Get the newest technology to track your heart rate, breaths, steps, sleep pattern, and moods because all of that affects our health

And now here you are. Wondering where you went wrong. You feel burnt out, food-deprived, angry, and disappointed because you weren't successful.

Optimum nutrition is the best medicine of tomorrow" - Linus Pauling

I live by this quote every day and encourage my clients to do the same. The key to health isn't hidden in the pills, diets, or using various gadgets to track our health. It is in our lifestyle. Empowering people's lives through a simple yet effective method has been my goal for years. Using mindful nutrition to do so has been my DREAM. I am a Registered Dietitian based in New York City who loves to take a self-care approach in nutrition. I advocate a no-BS method that stresses on four important Core Nutrients:

Sleep, Emotions, Macros/Minis (micronutrients/micronutrients), Fitness


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